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SLA Battery Deep Discharge Protection: SLA-LVP
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Item #: SLA-LVP
Price: US$39.95
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Rechargeable SLA batteries are destroyed when deeply discharged. To protect the battery from this catastophic condition, the SLA-LVP module ensures deep discharge protection for 12V sealed lead acid (SLA) batteries by automatically isolating the battery from its load before this condition can occur.


It does this by constantly monitoring the voltage of the SLA battery. When the battery votage drops to a critically low point, the SLA-LVP emits an early warning signal to indicate a low battery voltage condition, and that recharging is required. If recharging is not performed within a delay period, the SLA-LVP then goes into battery protection mode and disconnects the load from the battery to prevent further discharge.


  • Switches Loads up to 10A via MOSFET
  • Adjustable Early Warning Alarm
  • Adjustable Low Voltage load cutoff 
  • Screw Terminal connectors for Load and Battery
  • Suitable for 12V SLA batteries
  • Selectable LED or Buzzer early warning
  • Compatible with picoUPS-100 SLA battery charger module
  • Immune to battery voltage rebound from load cut-off
  • Dimensions: 3.12". x 1.5" x 0.54"
  • Dimensions: 79.3mm x 38.22mm x 13.5mm


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